Eric Haseltine PhD

Neuroscientist, futurist, writer, speaker

-Executive Vice President, Walt Disney Imagineering

-Chief of Research and Development, NSA

-Associate Director of National Intelligence in charge of S&T

-PhD Neuroscientist: brain plasticity & mind-body physiology

-Authored monthly Neuroquest column for Discover Magazine

Brain Candy uses your brain as a never-ending source of entertainment. You'll experience shock, awe and amazement as you discover many stealthy things your brain does without ever asking your permission.

Learn how your brain actually goes out of its way to hide crucially important details from you and why--in a very real sense-- your brain is actually a different "person" from you entirely!

You'll see things that are supposed to be impossible, such as the image below where you can see true 3D stereo on a flat screen---with one eye closed!!

And that's just the beginning. Learn why and how optical illusions work and experience exciting news illusions of touch, movement, sound, smell and taste.

Finally, you'll discover what's unique about your own brain. What cerebral hemisphere processes speech? Do you have a touch of dyslexia? Is your brain more "male" or "female?" What is your brain's true biological (vs. chronological) age? How big are your frontal lobes? The answers to these and other phenomena that make you you await you.

Below are links to videos, animations and interactive experiences that go with each chapter. Where a chapter title or number is bold, linked content is available. While reading the book, open your browser to this page and simply click the chapter you are reading to instantly experience the phenomenon under discussion. [NOTE: THESE LINKS CONTAIN "TEMP ART" FOR REVIEW PURPOSES ONLY].